The Secret to Obtaining a Job without Applying for it

I’ve been working online for 1 year and 4 months to be exact, not really that long enough. Before that, I was affiliated with a local SEO company based in Iloilo City. I learned basics of SEO, simple things like backlinking, article writing and social media. All were really passive knowledge and besides backlinking and article writing, I didn’t know SEO – the bigger picture. When our bosses started to ask us to read about SEO and Google algorithm updates, I started to get to know SEO better slowly and progressively.

I resigned from my first SEO company because of some issues involving internal affairs. Then, I started to work for a start-up company, a promising one, but I quit because of my agony between choosing whether to go home and quit the job or stay and not being with my family for a long time. I was pondering why I couldn’t have both, that I could go home and still have a nice paying job. So, I decided to be active on, the famous outsourcing portal for Filipinos.

I received 2-3 job interviews or skillset inquiries, etc. I ended up landed all the 3 jobs at the same time. Because I was struggling with my day job and then night jobs, I quit 1 online job, which lasted for only 2 days. I got 1 client who signed up for my services for 1 year and that includes all the paid trainings, which lasted for 3 months (all trainings, no work, all were paid.) I earned more than average, then I went home happy.

Sorry about my little job history. I am supposed to tell you the secret to obtaining a job without applying for it. So, here it is now….

The Rationale

The rationale behind job applications and getting hired is simple. Employers want to see your specific skillset that is essential for their business success. They don’t need your academic awards and educational attainment. Those awards and accolades don’t define your capability or ability to perform the job well. What they need is your straightforward skills – the master skill, they call it.

Getting Local Jobs

Although I am not really familiar about this as I reside technically around the world, getting local jobs without applying is a different story. One of my friends received lots of job offers, when he didn’t apply for all those jobs. People just think that he is qualified for the position. Let’s take this real slow. If you want to get hired without applying, build your skillset and employers will just find you.

Getting Jobs Online

If your forte is online, just like me, the secret to getting hired is just enroll in the different online job platforms. My favorite is, then Odesk. I just posted my profile and wait for employers to find it. Although, this is a passive move but I am sure that job interviews will just come flowing in without me hunting for them. And, I was never wrong.

The rationale is that when you kept chasing for jobs or clients, it would mean that you badly needed them and that you can offer your services at a low rate just to get a job. Don’t try to play cheap. I don’t like the idea when people say in order to get the client, offer 1 month free of charge service or offer a trial project. That’s really absurd. My argument is that I don’t waste my time offering free services to clients that don’t pay. The danger is that you’ll get abused or worse they won’t pay you at all.

I found out that when you apply for jobs, you are competing with a bunch of other applicants. And I also found out that when they post jobs, employers are stricter when it comes to choosing the right candidate. Most of these employers used the old-fashioned method, like you put all your academic awards and educational attainment and then you’ll get hired. It’s hard to compete with these people as I know I am not that kind of person. I don’t have awards or medals to boast. What I did is clever, I just wait for them and pretend I know everything. :p

Handling Interviews

Don’t let it show. When you are having an interview, don’t act like you know everything in front of the person. It might send a wrong signal. Don’t come out so strong and arrogant. There is always a perfect timing for everything. Just answer every question and don’t go in the wrong direction. When you were asked “How could you help my business to succeed?” Answer politely and don’t try to throw technical things at him just to impress him. I assure you, he won’t.

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