Welcome Note

biyaya forroWelcome to my site! I hope you don’t get fed up by my selfies and egocentric writings. Honestly, I don’t like to write and share my own stories because I am not that type of person. I am reserved, silent and like to be in the backstage. I don’t like the spotlight. I love dwelling in the shadows but emanating authority. I am ambitious but laid-back. I have lots of dreams and ambitions in life. One of these is to become a successful entrepreneur someday. Whether I may become a successful online marketer or local client consultant, God knows, so come what may. What I want to do now is TO DO SOMETHING, to do something out of ordinary. I am the type that don’t stay and stagnate in one corner. I want to break free,  go out and try something new, something really different, and something I never dreamed of trying.