Giant Pearl? No Longer “Pearl of Allah” – Philippines Still Got it

pearl of allah

“Pearl of Allah”

Guinness Book of Records recorded that the biggest pearl specimen on earth was discovered in the islands of Palawan, Philippines by a Muslim diver who called it “Pearl of Allah” because of the turbaned image on its surface upon his discovery.

Pearl of Allah, now called Pearl of Lao Tzu, is the current largest pearl in the world now lies at the Brooke’s Point in Palawan. Weighing 14 pounds or 6.4 kilograms and having a length of 9.4 inches, this Pearl claimed the coveted title in the world records. The Guiness Book declared that the value of the said pearl would be over $40 million US dollars.

The New Discovery

pearl of the king

biggest pearl on earthThe “Pearl of the King”

Without anyone’s knowledge, a new pearl exists that is greater than “Pearl of Allah.” It weighs around 8.9 kilograms and measures around 12 inches in length. It was not known to the world because the late owner didn’t like it to be exposed. It lies in one of the luxurious hotels in Boracay Island, Philippines. It was taken from Palawan also same with Pearl of Allah, and came to Boracay without those giant clams already. So the caretakers just created an artificial clam to make it look like the real one in the aquarium. They called it “Pearl of the King.”

The “Pearl of the King” now captures local and international tourists in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. The owner decided to open the giant pearl for public viewing last December 2013. But only a few locals on the island knew about the pearl and the management of the hotel just started out promoting it to the greater Boracay area.

The reason why the owner didn’t summoned Guinness Book of Records for this new discovery because he was waiting for other giant pearls in the world to surface. He believed that there are lots of giant pearls out there waiting to be discovered or exposed. So, the “Pearl of the King” remains humble to date.

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