Why Freelancing is the Best Job in the World?

freelancingIt’s been a while since my last update on this blog. I’ve been very busy, juggling 3 or more jobs in a day. I was busy with my online services and my other side jobs. Now, I feel like writing and I want to share my life these past couple of months. I resigned from my previous work because I felt I was not productive anymore. I don’t like that. So, I decided to talk to my client regarding my situation and our business, which I think will be going down soon. I was not praying to make that happen in fact I was trying to offer my services for free because I don’t want him to empty all his remaining savings.

So, here now I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and experiences with my present work, which I think will be useful to you as well.

If you don’t think like working in an environment where your bosses always have their eyes on you and if you don’t feel like working or you feel sick, you have to, it’s part of the job. They hired you to be of good use to them no matter how you reason on that issue, whatsoever! I am not saying working in any organization is rubbish, a waste of time. No! If you think you are called for that job, go for it. I just want to share to you why freelancing is the best job in the world!

Working from home.

Commuting or traveling to the office every day is like a torture to me; not to mention the traffic, the scorching heat and pollution. You have to endure the daily ride to the office and of course, you have to allot a daily fare budget. When working from home, you are going to travel from your bed to your PC or laptop and from living room to your room only. Your only enemy is obesity but hell, as long as you know how to balance your lifestyle, you are good with that.

Have as many jobs as you want.

When you are a freelancer, you can have as many jobs in a day as long as you know how to manage each of them. Not only they pay higher than our local payment system, you will also have the convenience to switch work anytime.

It pays higher.

Many freelancers don’t want to go back to working in the offices because they know they will not earn good cash.

Travel anytime.

Because most of freelancing jobs are internet-based, you can bring your work anywhere, whether you wanna go on vacation or travels with family and friends.


Meet different foreign clients.

Freelancing allows you to jump from one client to next and gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues. As a virtual assistant, I learned many things from my clients. I received paid trainings and other online marketing tutorials. I need to learn to help them with their business.

Endless opportunities.

If you think you are on a dead-end every time you lose your client or when your contract has ended, you are wrong! Online has many things to offer. If you don’t feel like offering your services anymore, you can always start an online store as an affiliate marketer. I will tell you later how to become an affiliate of the Philippine-based products and earn unlimited income.

So if you think you are not going anywhere because of your current job, start an online business today. Be a freelancer or an internet marketer. Contact me if you need coaching or information.

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