Fiverr Clearing and Withdrawal of Funds

Just recently, Fiverr launched a new revenue withdrawal method called Bank Transfer. Sellers can use this platform to directly transfer funds to their bank account. Other withdrawal options include Paypal, which I use, and which most sellers use to transfer funds because it doesn’t have complex procedures and tremendous withdrawal fees. The other withdrawal option is the Fiverr Revenue Card, which is more usable if you are from United States. But I heard a lot of feedback regarding Fiverr Revenue Card, as it charges extra fees every time you transfer or withdraw money from Fiverr. So for me, I will stick with Paypal like I ever did before.

About Fiverr Clearing

fiverr cleaning method

You might be wondering that your earnings on Fiverr cannot be withdrawn immediately right after you completed all your deliveries. Why? Because Fiverr reserves the right to hold the money for 14 days. It is in that amount of time buyers and sellers can file disputes, ask for modification or cancellation of the order under mutual agreement. Fiverr keeps the money used to order the gig or service in safety until both parties are satisfied with the result. This is where Fiverr plays an important role to keep buyer and seller from scams or fraudulent activities. When fiverr notice phishing activities or spam, they immediately ban the account and notify you about the so-called activity.

So, if you are a first timer on Fiverr, just wait for 14 days for the clearing period and your money will be reflected on the top right corner on your dashboard. ‘Till then, you might be able to withdraw the funds via Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card or Bank Transfer.

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