Personal Finance Tips for Freelancers: How to Save for Retirement?

Freelancers retirment plan

Regular employees get to pay premiums that are automatically deducted from their salary on monthly basis. These premiums will go directly to their retirement plans like Social Security System (SSS), Pag-ibig Fund and GSIS (for government employees).

Every local employee paying premiums will get to enjoy these benefits in his senior years when he reached his retirement age. But they can always apply for multi-purpose loans, sick leave benefits, maternity leave benefits, calamity loans, etc. in the middle of the term.

Unlike any type of  regular jobs, Filipino freelancers position themselves as self-employed. Though, they are employed under contract by foreign agencies, they work from their homes. They get to pay their own premiums. They don’t receive any benefits paid by their employer for their monthly premiums. They get to pay all of them in full.

The problem is that, not all Filipino freelancers are aware of their retirement. They don’t save for their retirement at all. Though, they are paid higher than any local employees, they always forget to set aside money for retirement.

How Do You Plan For Retirement?

I know lots of freelancers have lots of money. The question here is, how smart are they when it comes to personal finance? Where do they put their money? Do they just hide their money in the banks?

I am a freelancer, working for almost 3 years. My biggest mistake back then was when I didn’t pay my SSS premiums and Pag-ibig contributions right after I jumped off from my previous local company. But it’s never too late, so they say. One year later, I promised to take a closer eye on my monthly premiums and I’ve never missed a month of paying up to this day. Glory to God!

Fiverr Clearing and Withdrawal of Funds

Just recently, Fiverr launched a new revenue withdrawal method called Bank Transfer. Sellers can use this platform to directly transfer funds to their bank account. Other withdrawal options include Paypal, which I use, and which most sellers use to transfer funds because it doesn’t have complex procedures and tremendous withdrawal fees. The other withdrawal option is the Fiverr Revenue Card, which is more usable if you are from United States. But I heard a lot of feedback regarding Fiverr Revenue Card, as it charges extra fees every time you transfer or withdraw money from Fiverr. So for me, I will stick with Paypal like I ever did before.

About Fiverr Clearing

fiverr cleaning method

You might be wondering that your earnings on Fiverr cannot be withdrawn immediately right after you completed all your deliveries. Why? Because Fiverr reserves the right to hold the money for 14 days. It is in that amount of time buyers and sellers can file disputes, ask for modification or cancellation of the order under mutual agreement. Fiverr keeps the money used to order the gig or service in safety until both parties are satisfied with the result. This is where Fiverr plays an important role to keep buyer and seller from scams or fraudulent activities. When fiverr notice phishing activities or spam, they immediately ban the account and notify you about the so-called activity.

So, if you are a first timer on Fiverr, just wait for 14 days for the clearing period and your money will be reflected on the top right corner on your dashboard. ‘Till then, you might be able to withdraw the funds via Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card or Bank Transfer.

The Secret to Obtaining a Job without Applying for it

I’ve been working online for 1 year and 4 months to be exact, not really that long enough. Before that, I was affiliated with a local SEO company based in Iloilo City. I learned basics of SEO, simple things like backlinking, article writing and social media. All were really passive knowledge and besides backlinking and article writing, I didn’t know SEO – the bigger picture. When our bosses started to ask us to read about SEO and Google algorithm updates, I started to get to know SEO better slowly and progressively.

I resigned from my first SEO company because of some issues involving internal affairs. Then, I started to work for a start-up company, a promising one, but I quit because of my agony between choosing whether to go home and quit the job or stay and not being with my family for a long time. I was pondering why I couldn’t have both, that I could go home and still have a nice paying job. So, I decided to be active on, the famous outsourcing portal for Filipinos.

I received 2-3 job interviews or skillset inquiries, etc. I ended up landed all the 3 jobs at the same time. Because I was struggling with my day job and then night jobs, I quit 1 online job, which lasted for only 2 days. I got 1 client who signed up for my services for 1 year and that includes all the paid trainings, which lasted for 3 months (all trainings, no work, all were paid.) I earned more than average, then I went home happy.

Sorry about my little job history. I am supposed to tell you the secret to obtaining a job without applying for it. So, here it is now….

Why Freelancing is the Best Job in the World?

freelancingIt’s been a while since my last update on this blog. I’ve been very busy, juggling 3 or more jobs in a day. I was busy with my online services and my other side jobs. Now, I feel like writing and I want to share my life these past couple of months. I resigned from my previous work because I felt I was not productive anymore. I don’t like that. So, I decided to talk to my client regarding my situation and our business, which I think will be going down soon. I was not praying to make that happen in fact I was trying to offer my services for free because I don’t want him to empty all his remaining savings.

So, here now I’ll be sharing all my knowledge and experiences with my present work, which I think will be useful to you as well.

Giant Pearl? No Longer “Pearl of Allah” – Philippines Still Got it

pearl of allah

“Pearl of Allah”

Guinness Book of Records recorded that the biggest pearl specimen on earth was discovered in the islands of Palawan, Philippines by a Muslim diver who called it “Pearl of Allah” because of the turbaned image on its surface upon his discovery.

Pearl of Allah, now called Pearl of Lao Tzu, is the current largest pearl in the world now lies at the Brooke’s Point in Palawan. Weighing 14 pounds or 6.4 kilograms and having a length of 9.4 inches, this Pearl claimed the coveted title in the world records.

How to Make Money Online through Fiverr?

fiverr gigsAre you looking to earn extra cash online without fear of being scammed or whatsoever? In this article, I am going to tell a secret where to find jobs that is safe without scammers, money swindlers and thieves lurking around.

Online job portals are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. People can just sign up, apply for jobs and God knows how they will get paid. In some instances, buyers won’t pay their invoices and workers will never hear from them again. It’s a sad truth that anything can happen to any person at any circumstance online. Money can be stolen from personal bank accounts.

Where to Dine in Estancia Iloilo?

Kristoffer's Friends Pizza Pasta and Restaurant Estancia

If it’s your first time to visit Estancia or maybe your second and was wondering where to dine before reaching your final destination, I know a perfect place where to satisfy your hungry stomach. Kristoffer’s Friends Pizza Pasta and Restaurant is located near the public market of Estancia fronting Generics Pharmacy. Just tell the driver to drop you at Friends. They serve sumptuous meals at affordable prices.

Islas de Gigantes: Rediscovering the Hidden Sanctuary in the Visayas

Islas de Gigantes

Where to stay in Islas de Gigantes?

Gigantes Hideaway Resort is the premiere resort and tourist inn in Gigantes Islands. It is located in Brgy. Asluman, Gigantes Norte, Carles, Iloilo. It is owned and managed by Joel Decano, head of Tourism in mainland Carles. The resort has been operating for more than two years already, and it was built primarily to accommodate a few guests only who went sightseeing on the island and to give them comfortable shelter for their overnight stay. The rooms are simple. Don’t expect them to be something classy or something like that but the family rooms are. Most of them are fan rooms that were built in Nipa and Bamboo stalks.

The whole island in the Norte has limited electric supply. They only have electricity from 3pm to 11pm, then generator electricity from 11 pm to 6am. In the Resort, there’s no cellphone signal so you’ll be in total communication blackout when you’re in there. But guests can still turn their communications on when they hire a motorcycle ride to Signalan, it’s a place where guests can get telecom signals and use their phone for emergency purposes.

Cheapest Web Hosting Service for Start Up Web Developers and Webmasters

I am a first time web developer just like you. As a first timer, budget and costs are our primary concern. We want that every time we shed off money there is always something in return. We want profit right away, if not, at least, as soon as possible. When I started my web developing service, I looked through different hosting services available online like hostgator, godaddy, bluehost, namecheap and a few others and find out which of them could give me affordable hosting plan to host more than a single domain. So, first on my list was Hostgator.


Hostgator offers affordable hosting services with unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free website templates, 99.9% uptime guarantee, etc. It appears really cheap to me at first because of its $3.96 per month cost and 20% off summer sale promo. But when I placed the order, it showed that I can only get that cheap price when I subscribe to 3 years plan. So it’s a total of $142.56 upon check out.